A powerful and latest way of treating prossecor

A powerful and latest way of treating prossecor

The role of Processor can be likened to 'brain' of a computer system. Any programs or applications that run such as microsoft word, game, video and all other applications will require Processor as a place to process the data. With its role as a data processing center it is no wonder if the processor is affecting the computer performance. When our computer is experiencing damage such as slow, hang or ng-lag, one of the causes can be caused because Processor experience interference such as overheating or other damage.

Processor in the motherboard

With its vital function and the price is also the most expensive among the components of other computer hardware, it is reasonable if we do preventive measures to prevent damage to this processor. Here are some tips we can do to treat the Processor.

Prevent Overheat Processor

When the computer is on, the temperature of the Processor can be very high. If the maximum limit of this temperature is passed will cause Processor overheat. To prevent this overheating do beberpa the following steps:
Using Fan and Heatsink Processor (CPU Cooler) with good quality.
As the main tool that serves to cool the Processor, then of course we must choose to use the type of fan and heatsink with good quality. The picture below is a sample fan and a standard heatsink for LGA 775 Processor socket type

Using Thermal Paste with good quality
Thermal paste is used as an intermediate medium between Processor and Heatsink (metal cooling). The better the quality of this thermal paste, the heat from the Processor will be wasted faster to the metal heatsink. If you buy the original package of Cooler CPU, this thermal paste is already attached to the heatsink.

How to use thermal paste processor

But if the thermal paste has long been used, then usually this thermal paste will dry up, so we have to clean it replace it with a new one. The use of thermal paste is simply issued equal to ijo beans only and the smooth thin. Avoid the use of toothpaste as a substitute for thermal paste is because after dry toothpaste it will inhibit the process of heat absorption.
Added fan (exzaust fan) behind CPU.
This can be done by installing additional fans on the CPU casing so that the hot air from the Processor will There are some we need to consider to keep or prevent Processor from Overheating this, such as making the air circulation in the CPU to run smoothly.
Tidy up the cables in the CPU case
Put the CPU in a cold room

Caring for Processor

1. Cleaning Processor
Cleaning This processor can be done several months depending on the speed or slowness of dust attached to this Processor. The part that is cleaned from this processor is usually on the heatsink and the fan alone is enough.

For fans and heatsink partisan, first we separate the heatsink and fan, then clean with a brush, If the dust is attached to the fan, then the kit can wipe with a cloth or for heatsink can wash all. After cleaning and heatsink and fan dried until dry properly. Be careful not to have any water left because it can cause a conslet.

2. Monitor the temperature of Processor with Software
In order to monitor Processor temperature in real time, we can use software like HWMonitor. This software is available in installer and Portable form. I suggest to download the portable version only so we do not need to install.
Here's the look of the CPUID-HW Monitor application when monitoring Processor temperatures.

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