Creating a UBCD4WIN Bootable CD for Computer Repair

Have you ever had a problem with the computer you are using? I'm sure almost all computer users (Windows PC) have experienced it, ranging from damage to the computer can not boot, the virus is damaged until the deletion of files or data accidentally. If you experience computer damage problems as above, there is an obstacle to trying CD UBCD4WIN.

CD UBCD4WIN is a Windows Recovery CD that is useful for troubleshooting various computer damage. UBCD4WIN was developed around 2004 using Bart's pre-installed technology to create a sleek Windows XP system that can be from a CD or USB.

In addition to lean and can be run from a CD or USB, the CD UBCD4WIN also has included various programs for troubleshooting and diagnosing various computer problems, fix windows errors, backup data, remove viruses and restore the system.

UBCD4WIN contains various applications with the following categories:

  • Anti-Spyware Tools AntiVirus
  • Tools Applications, Firefox, PDF Reader, Opera, Notepad ++
  • CD Burning Applications, DeepBurner
  • Disk Tools, Backup / Cloning, Defrag, Diagnostic, Partition, Security File Management, Compression, Explorers, Recovery,
  • Linux Tools, Network Tools, Password Tools, Registry Tools System Information Tools, Benchmark Tools, Information & Diagnostic Tools
  • More can be found at:

The latest version of UBCD4WIN is UBCD4WIN 3.60 measuring 269MB which is released July 13, 2010. For my friends who want to try, please download the file at or directly here

What you need to know, this UBCD4wIN CD is not downloaded directly in the form of .ISO file for example, but we created this CD itself with the help of UBCD4WIN application. This is because the CD basically uses the Windows XP operating system that needs a license.

UBCD4WIN CD creation process itself is not difficult, below is a step-by-step that must be done:

Step 1: Install UBCD4WIN on the computer
  1. Prepare the Windows XP Installer CD.
  2. Prepare a blank CD-R
  3. Extract and run the downloaded UBCD4WinV360.exe program to install it on your computer.
  4. By default it will create a UBCD4Win folder in drive C.

Step 2: Create ISO image file UBCD4WIN
  1. Insert the WindowsXP Installer CD
  2. Run the UBCD4WinBuilder.EXE program
  3. When there is a question "Search File" select wrote "No"
  4. Specify the location of the Windows installer CD and the location for the ISO image
  5. Click Build and follow the next steps to complete.
Step 3: Burn ISO image file to CD
  1. Empty CD Input
  2. Run the program to burn ISO image, such as Nero, CD Burner XP or InfraRecorder.
  3. Burning UBCD4WinBuilder.ISO file to CD.
  4. Done.
Such are the notes on How to Create a UBCD4WIN Windows Recovery CD CD which is very useful especially for Windows XP users to diagnose and troubleshoot computer problems. Hopefully there are benefits .. !!

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