Know Laptop Battery

Know Laptop Battery

A battery is a device capable of storing energy and exerting its energy in form. Batteries are used instead of power sources. Battery function in a laptop is needed to support mobile activities where we usually use laptops in places where there is no electric power from PLN. When we will buy a laptop, we also have to pay attention to the specifications of the battery used on the laptop, especially on the old batteries needed to supply.

The laptop battery is a battery with a rechargeable battery type, which can be recharged when it is discharged or reduced by electric current. The current laptop battery is a Lithium-ion type battery. Where this type of battery has some greater required durability, has a longer life cycle and is more environmentally friendly when compared to NiCd batteries for example.

Getting to Know Laptop Battery Specifications

To find out the specifications of a laptop battery, we can see directly on the battery body, besides of course by reading the manual of the laptop. Here are some things that we should consider, namely:
  • Battery type
  • The magnitude
  • Flowability
  • Consists of how many cells
  • Other technologies included.

Let's take an example of a battery used on a Dell Laptop
Vostro 131. The battery is shaped as shown in the picture below,
And has the following specifications:

By looking at these specifications, we can draw the conclusion that these batteries include the type of Lithium-ion in which there are 6 cell battery, the output voltage generated by 11.1 volts with a total battery energy of 65 Wh (watt-hours).

Battery energy is the multiplication of battery voltage with battery capacity. Battery capacity (ampere-hours) itself is the maximum amount of electric current that can be discharged for 1 hour. So suppose for this battery that has a capacity value of 400mAH means when the laptop to process an application and requires a current of 400 mA, then the battery will run out within 1 hour. If the laptop only mmerlukan current of 200 mA, then the battery will run out within 2 hours.

Hardware consumes the most battery power

According to Microsoft's Windows 7 Engineering blog ( the most power consuming hardware is LCD Monitor, And followed by chipset components. Here is a comparison picture:

Know Laptop Battery

By looking at the picture above, then when we want to save battery power consumption, then we have to do some settings related to the display so that the power supply to the laptop monitor can be reduced. More can be read on my article about "tips for laptop battery durable".

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