Create Automatic Shutdown in Windows 7

Create Automatic Shutdown in Windows 7

The idea of ​​writing "How to make automatic shutdown in windows 7" starts when the author has to save the computer, when the computer is "sting" a large enough file. After seeing the approximate download time of about 40 minutes longer, the author decides for a scheduled task that works to turn off the computer automatically 1 hour from now.

For temen-temen who want to know how to make automatic shutdown in windows 7 so that it can turn off the computer automatically at the time that we specify, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Task Scheduler window
  • Click Start, select All Programs, choose Accessories, choose System Tools then click Task Scheduler.
  • Or it could be by click Start, type: Taskschd.msc in the Search programs and files box
  1. Click Create Basic Task, give the name and description for the task, eg "Create Automatic Shutdown Windows 7". Click Next to continue.
  2. In the Task Trigger menu, specify when the task will be executed, such as daily, weekly and others. Since I will only run this Automatic Shutdown only once, then I select One Time.
  3. Next specify the time (date and time) when the trigger (trigger) will be executed. Klo is finished click Next.
  4. Next on the Action menu, specify what will be executed by the task at the time we have set. Here we select Start a program. Click Next.
  5. Next on Programs / scripts select the shutdown.exe program or type: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ shutdown.exe / s.
  6. Next Click Finish.

Maybe that's a quick tutorial on how to Create Automatic Shutdown on a computer that uses Windows 7. As a note do not forget to add argument / s which is a command to shutdown.exe program must shut down computer.

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