Displays Hidden Files in Windows 7

As in the Windows XP operating system, in Windows 7 also by default does not display some folders and files that are part of the operating system. The file is more known as hidden files or protected operating system files. One reason for not showing protected operating system files is to prevent system keruksakan for example because we accidentally change or delete the file. But for the purposes of troubleshooting we often need access to these files and folders. Then how to display it? For those of you Windows 7 beginner users like me, below is this is how to display Hidden Files in windows 7.

1. Click Start, choose Control Panel.
2. After the Control Panel window opens, click Appearance and Personalization.
3. Look like below, note the Folder Options section.
4. Click on the Show hidden files and folders link
5. Select Tab View in the Folder Options window

6. In the Hidden files and folders section, click the show hidden files, folders, and drives option.
7. By enabling this option we can see all previously invisible files, folders and Drive.
8. Uncheck / uncheck the Hide option for known file types.
9. By unchecking this option we can see the extension used in all files like .docx, .txt and so on.
10. Uncheck / uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) option.
11. By unchecking this option then the files that are part of the operating system as in the Windows folder will be visible.
12. Click Apply and then press OK.

Now reopen the Windows Explorer window, then we can find some folders and files that were not visible. So how to display Hidden Files in Windows 7, hopefully can be useful especially for beginners like me.

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