Reset Mikrotik RB751 Using Netinstall

Reset Mikrotik RB751 Using Netinstall

Continuing article yesterday about How to Reset Mikrotik RB 751 that damaged the OS, in this post I will share about the tutorial reset or re-install Router OS on RouterBoard, here I still use Mikrotik RB 751U HnD have me who happened to have damage when it can restore files Backups are stupid RouterBoard can not be accessed.

How to netinstall this is the ultimate stance to install again. How to handle it? By doing NetInstall then all the configuration and follow-up like that will come formatted and deleted from RouterBoard.

How to reinstall mikrotik with netinstall

1. First download the netinstall program and os router in the form .npk file at .
2. Turn on the Mikrotik RouterBoard, and connect the Ether1 port to your laptop or computer using a LAN cable.
3. Unzip and run the netinstall program, so the display looks like in the picture below:
4. Click Netbooting, check and fill IP Address with IP Address Addres one subnet with our computer IP.
5. Reset the RouterBoard by pressing the reset button (RES) with the lid or the like, unplug the routerboard power supply, then input again while still holding the reset button, wait approximately 30 seconds until the routerboard is detected and appears on the Router / Drives part of the NetInstall program
6. Select Packages from the Router OS that had been downloaded, in the picture is routeros-mipsbe 5.19
7. Click on RB751U-2HnD on the Router / Drives window, then click Install and wait until the router os reinstall process is complete.

By performing Mikrotik Reset using NetInstall as above steps, then Mikrotik Router RB751U-2HnD which originally can not be accessed now can be normal again, good luck 

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