Speed ​​Up Windows 7 Boot Time

Speed ​​Up Windows 7 Boot Time

The length of boot time is the first impression in determining how fast. If the boot time is long, then the stamp "windows slow" we directly sentenced to the computer.

In this article I will share tips on how to speed up boot time windows 7 by tweaking the file system configuration utility is msconfig.exe file in folder C: \ Windows \ System32.

Here step by step modify msconfig to speed up boot time windows 7:
1. Open the System Configuration Utility window by clicking Start, in the city Search for programs and files type: msconfig

2. Click the Boot tab, it looks like the picture below. Check the No Boot GUI option, it aims to eliminate the emergence of Windows logo animation at boot time that will provide saving time booting windows 7.

3. Next still in the same window view, click the Advanced Options button, then check the Number of processors option and select the largest number indicating the number of available processor cores available. Here because my computer is still using a dual core processor then the maximum number is only 2. Click OK to return to the main window msconfig windows7.

4. Next click the Startup tab which will show you what programs are loaded during windows startup. To speed up windows 7 boot time make sure only important programs are called automatically. For that uncheck (unchecked) programs that do not need to be loaded automatically when windows boots. Then click OK

5. Next click Restart and try to feel the change of boot time now.

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