How To Turn Off Computer Automatically

How To Turn Off Computer Automatically

In a past post I have written an article on how to create task scheduling to make automatic shutdown in windows 7. This time still in the theme of how to shut down computer automatically, I will try to use software help called WinMend Auto Shutdown.

WinMend Auto Shutdown software not only works to turn off the computer automatically, but also can function to run functions such as hibernate, stand by or log off formally as well.

winmend auto shutdown

WinMend Auto Shutdown looks very simple so easy we can understand and can operate the software to turn off the computer automatically this.

There are 4 options (tasks) that we can choose are:
  1. Shutdown, serves to shut down the computer completely
  2. Log off, works to get out of the current user login
  3. Sleep, computer is told to "sleep" or standby (computer works with very little power consumption), Windows will store all activity in memory (RAM) and can be turned back to the condition before "sleep" in few seconds.
  4. Hibernate, the computer turns off completely when it is turned on again before the computer turns off. This happens because the computer is shut down from memory or RAM copied to the hard drive first.

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