Display the RUN menu in Windows 7

One of the missing features in Windows 7 is that it does not appear to be the RUN menu on the usual Start Menu when we use the Windows XP operating system. Actually the RUN menu is already represented by the Search Program and Files box but if you want to keep accessing some program or command via RUN menu like in Windows XP here is how:

Actually to display the RUN menu we simply type: RUN in the Search Program and Files box, then the RUN menu will appear. But if you want the RUN menu to appear permanently on the Start Menu, then we must menyetingnya first, as follows:

Display the RUN menu in Windows 7

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu button, click Properties
  2. On the Start Menu tab click Customize
  3. Find the Run Command menu, then enable it by checking (check) on the selection box
  4. Click OK then click OK again to save the settings

Now click the Start Menu button and we will see the Run menu appear in Start Menu. Good luck.. !

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