How to Format USB Flashdisk with Diskpart

A handy way to format a USB Flashdisk in a Windows OS is to right-click on the drive used and then click Format. However, if USB Flashdisk can not be formatted in this way, it's good you try to format usb flash through command command prompt (DOS) completely.

To format the USB Flashdisk here we will use tool called DISKPART, here is step by step:

How to Format USB Flashdisk with Diskpart

  1. Go to Command Prompt by typing: CMD on Run Menu or Search Program and Files box.
  2. Type Diskpart, then Enter
  3. The Microsoft Diskpart window will appear, then type Disk List to see which Disk drive is installed on our computer, then press Enter
  4. Select the disk that shows our USB Flashdisk (to make it easy to see the size) by typing example: Select Disk 1
  5. Then delete the partition by typing: Clean, after succsess then create a new partition by typing: Create Partition Primary
  6. Select the partition by typing: Select Partition 1
  7. New then USB Flashdisk in format with FAT 32 file system how to type: format fs = fat32
  8. When finished type: Assign to add a drive letter (mounting) on ​​the USB.
  9. When done, then type Exit

Thus How to Format USB Flashdisk completely using Diskpart. Hopefully this way can be used to repair a USB flash is damaged and can not be formatted normally.

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