How To Make Background Image Being Transparent

Make the background image transparent sometimes need for example to insert an image in a presentation file or for a blogger friend who wants to insert an image to match the design template used.

To make the image transparent this time I will use a photo processing application that is cat.NET. The advantage of this Paint.NET software when compared with other free photo processing application is this program will work with many layers.

Ok immediately wrote, here's how to make the image bakcground becomes transparent with the application Paint.NET:

  1. Download it first of course Paint.NET application here
  2. Install and run proramnya, open the file we will change the background becomes transparent
  3. Click Tool, select Magic Wand, then slide the Tolerance to 20%
  4. Click the mouse on the background of the image to be made transparent
  5. Then wasting the part with the DEL knock button
  6. If the background image is so transparent, then SAVE AS image with the .GIF extension

Now we already have a transparent image ready to paste in the presentation file, website template or blog or for other purposes. Good luck..!

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